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About me | 關於我

Vienna Yeung has more than five years of experience playing with the guzheng. She has passed levels 6 of the guzheng exam administered by the Chinese Central Conservatory of Music. She has also passed level 8 of music theory exam administered by the Royal Conservatory of Music in Canada. Currently, she lives with her family in the beautiful Comox Valley in British Columbia of Canada.

Vienna Yeung 已有超過五年彈奏古箏的經驗。她已經通過中央音樂學院的古箏六級試和皇家音樂學院的八級樂理試。她現在跟家人居住在加拿大卑詩省的高莫斯山市鎮。

Services 服務

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Guzheng Classes


Guzheng Online Beginner Lessons

Lessons for beginners – learn the basic techniques and be able to play some great, traditional and moderns songs.


Online RCM Music Theory Lessons

Lessons for those who are interested in basic music theory, from preparatory, basic level to Level 5. Following RCM Music Theory curriculum.

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