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Welcome to the website of Canadian Chinese guzheng player and music theory enthusiast Vi Yeung. Guzheng (aka: Chinese zither or Chinese harp) is a traditional musical instrument that has can produce unique sound and melody. Although it is hard to master, learners often find it easy to play some nice melodies even after just a few lessons. Music theory, not just to western music, is equally important to Chinese music. Music theory is fun to learn (really? fun? Yes, trust me!) can stimulate thinking and help instrument players play more accurately. 

歡迎來到加拿大華裔古箏、樂理愛好者Vi Yeung的網站。古箏,又名箏,是一種傳統中樂器。它的聲音獨特,旋律優美。雖然易學難精,但是初學者還是可以在很短的時間內便能自行彈奏一些經典作品。至於樂理,不但是西樂,中樂也同樣需要理解樂理。樂理其實很有趣(真的?說笑嗎?我說真的!),既可刺激思考,還可以幫助更準確去彈奏樂器。

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