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Guzheng Tape 古箏膠布

Guzheng Tape 古箏膠布

Guzheng tape is a necessity to Guzheng players. There are many thickness, colour and styles in the market available for purchase. However, when buying Guzheng tapes, the level of stickiness is probably the single most important consideration. For those with sweaty hands, tape can become loose even more easily. When you purchase tapes online, no matter from eBay, Amazon, TaoBao or any others, they all have varied level of stickiness. Some of them were so bad quality that I had to throw them away after one or two uses. Some of them have superior quality and can be reused many times. Some inferior quality ones only last one or two uses. Another consideration is length. Some tapes are sold in 5 metres, some in 10 metres, and some in 1 metre. While this is not the most important consideration, buying a long roll of tape can sometimes be more convenient.

The third consideration is the texture of the tape. The texture of most common Guzheng tape is more or less like a fabric Band-Aid. However, some manufacturers produce paper type of tape. They are usually cheaper but do not last as long as the fabric ones. Try out different types of tapes to see what ones fit your needs the most.