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Guzheng String Replacement 古箏換弦

To many beginners, replacing a string seems challenging. The most time consuming part is to tighten and tune the string afterwards. The actual process of getting rid of the old string and threading the new string is relatively easy and fast. Here are some tips:

  • Don’t be afraid to change the strings. It is normal to see broken strings because of frequent use and wear and tear.
  • The thicker the string, the more strength one needs to use to turn the wrench.
  • After a new string is installed, its sound may be out of tune frequently. It will stabilize after a few days or weeks.

See below for illustrations.


  • 古箏斷弦是無可避免,因為經常使用會有損耗的,所以不用害怕。
  • 愈低音的弦愈粗,相對需要多一點力去轉動手把。
  • 新弦安裝後最初會需要經常調音,經過數天後會慢慢穩定下來。