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Year 2000 and 2016 marked two new chapters in Vi Yeung’s life. Vi Yeung grew up in Hong Kong and had lived there for about 20 years. Music theory was one of her least favourite subjects at school; hence, she was never a big fan of music. Things changed in year 1998 when her music teacher introduced her to a variety of Chinese musical instruments in Chinese. This sparked her interest in music. In 2000, she and her two close friends, Ivy W. and Stella Y., decided to begin their very first guzheng learning journey. It was a refuge for Vi Yeung amidst of all the heavy workload from school and family pressure.

By mid of 2001, Vi’s academic study reached a tipping point. With intense family pressure and in preparation for university entrance exams, Vi was forced to pause her guzheng journey. Then life got busier and busier. She relocated to Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto in Canada. She finally settled in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island. She thought her life and guzheng might not cross path anymore again. But fortunately, her daughter brought back the opportunity in 2016.

Vi’s daughter – Ava D | Vi 的囡囡(Ava)阿花

In January 2016, Ava D. was born in the beautiful Comox Valley. It was a great gift to Vi and her husband Justin. However, it also triggered quite a serious postpartum depression. Suicidal thoughts, depression and uncontrollable tears threatened Vi’s life. Her family doctor assessed and recommended taking PPD medicine. It was a tough decision, for the PPD medication could have negative health impact on Ava who was breastfed every day. In summer 2016, the perfect solution was found – guzheng – the journey began again.

Level 6 Certificate 六級證書
My Level 6 exam certificate | 古箏六級考試成功通過

Vi resumed her guzheng journey. Within a year, her PPD was gone without the help of any medication. Over the past four years, Vi successfully passed two guzheng exams (Level 4 and Level 6) administered by the Central Conservatory of Music from China. She also passed Level 5 and Level 8 Music Theory exams with the Royal Conservatory of Music – the most reputable music education institution in North America.

Vi continues to balance her life between her favourite guzheng and other daily routines. She continues to promote guzheng and music theory to younger generations, diverse populations and postpartum mothers.

  • Central Conservatory of Music – Level 4 and 6 Guzheng certificates (2017, 2019)
  • Royal Conservatory of Music – Level 5 and 8 Music Theory certificates (2020)
  • University of Edinburgh – Fundamentals of Music Theory certificate (2019)
  • Berklee College of Music – Developing Your Musicianship (2020)
  • Ultimate Music Theory – Complete Music Theory Certification (2020)

2000年和2016年對Vi Yeung十分重要。 Vi Yeung在香港長大,在那裡生活了大約20年。 中、小學時,除了數學科外﹐對音樂理論也不感興趣。1998年,當她中學的音樂老師向她介紹了各種中樂器時,開始激發了她對音樂的興趣。 2000年,她和她的兩個好友Ivy W. 和Stella Y. 決定開始她們的古箏學習之旅。 在功課、學業的壓力下,古箏是Vi Yeung用來找回開心、找回自已的最佳方法。

Beautiful Comox Valley
Nymph Falls in the Comox Valley | 高莫斯山谷的 Nymph Falls

2001年中,Vi的學業到了一個臨界點。 在家人的壓力下,為了準備大學入學考試,Vi被迫暫停了古箏學習。 後來生活也變得越來越忙。 她先是搬到了加拿大的蒙特利爾、渥太華和多倫多。 最後她定居在溫哥華島的高莫斯山谷。 當她認為自己的生活要正式跟古箏永別時,她的女兒在2016年帶來了新機會。

2016年1月,Ava D. (阿花)出生於美麗的高莫斯。 阿花是Vi和她的丈夫Justin最珍朋愛的禮物。 但是,Vi 也患了明顯的產後抑鬱症。 自殺念頭、沮喪和絕望的感覺影響全個家庭和Vi的健康。 她的家庭醫生因此建議服用抗產後抑鬱症的藥物。 這是一個困難的決定,因為藥物可能會對每天吃母乳的阿花產生不良的健康影響。 最終,在2016年夏季,Vi找到了解決方法-就是再次彈古箏的旅程。

Vi重新她的古箏之旅。 一年內,她的產後抑鬱症在沒有任何藥物幫助的情況下就消失了。 在過去的四年中,Vi成功地通過了中國中央音樂學院舉辦的兩次古箏考試(四級和六級)。 她還通過了皇家音樂學院(北美最權威的中央音樂教育機構)的五級和八級音樂理論考試。

Vi努力在她最喜歡的古箏和其他日常活動之間找到平衡。 她繼續向年輕一代、不同群體和產後母親推廣古箏和音樂理論。

  • 中央音樂學院-古箏四級和六級證書(2017,2019)
  • 皇家音樂學院-五級和八級音樂理論證書(2020)
  • 愛丁堡大學-音樂理論基礎證書(2019)
  • 伯克利音樂學院 – 音樂托展證書(2020)
  • Ultimate Music Theory – 音樂理論證書 (2020)