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Vienna Yeung is a passionate Guzheng player. She enjoys exploring the realm where eastern and western cultures, arts and music collide. Her vision is to connect with like-minded people who are always passionate for the unusual, and keen to try and learn something very different from what their peers would do in their cultures. Guzheng is an absolute gem in Vienna’s eyes. Being dedicated to making it possible for those who enjoy exploring the new to get to know, experience and play Guzheng, Vienna never stops enjoying playing Guzheng.

If you are interested in learning Guzheng’s history from 2,500 years ago and how it has evolved, contact me today.


Guzheng (gu “古” means “ancient”,zheng “箏” means “zither”), also known as the Chinese harp, is a Chinese plucked instrument with a more than 2,500-year history. An early Guzheng emerged during the Warring States Period (475-221 BC). It became prominent during the Qin dynasty (221-206). Guzheng also inspired other Asian zithers, such as the Japanese koto, the Korean gayageum, and the Vietnamese dàn tranh.

Guzheng used to have only 12 strings before it got developed all the way from 13, 15 to 21 strings with movable bridges. The most popular ones nowadays have 21 strings. The modern Guzheng also replaced the silk strings with metal strings wrapped in nylon to increase instruments’ volume mostly.

Guzheng players pluck the strings on the right hand with right or both hands, whilst those beautiful rich ‘colours’ are added by pressing strings on the left hand side with left hand.

My story

Vienna Yeung followed an experienced teacher from the Arts of Guzheng Academy in Hong Kong. Subsequently she followed Ms. Nancy Chan, an experienced Guzheng teacher and performer in Hong Kong.

In 2017 and 2019, she passed the Central Conservatory of Music Guzheng exams hosted in Vancouver. In 2020, she also passed the Royal Conservatory of Music Level 8 Music Theory with close to a full score. She has been dedicating her time to improving her music through Berklee College of Music and Royal Conservatory of Music.

In her spare time, apart from playing the guzheng, Vienna also spends time on the piano, and teaches her daughter to play both guzheng and piano. Currently, she lives in Comox in British Columbia with her family.

Level 6

Chinese Central Conservatory of Music Exam passed



Level 8

RCM Music Theory


Beginner Guzheng lessons

Objective: Introduce beginners to Guzheng.

Lesson Topics – Lessons include learning basic plucking techniques, chords, vibrato, glissando, half notes, portamento, tuning a Guzheng…etc. Lessons also include teaching a variety of songs such as “The Last Emperor”, “Happy Birthday to You”, “Story of a Small Town”…etc.

Lesson Format – Guzheng lessons will be tailored to best fit your objectives and needs. All of the lessons can be taught in either English or Cantonese. Lessons will be running all online at the moment (via Zoom virtual classroom).

Lesson Length – 45 minutes / 1 hour lesson lengths are available for regular lessons to suit everyone’s needs.

Where to get a Guzheng – It’s easy to buy a brand-new guzheng from various reliable sites which offer worldwide shipping. Alternatively, getting a used Guzheng would be a good option too if you are on a budget. Contact me for a suggested list of sites.


Music Theory lessons

Objective: Introduce beginners to basic music theory.

Music Theory Lessons focus on developing a solid understanding to be successful in creating a strong foundation in Basic Theory. Depending on your interests and needs, lessons typically include topics such as Circle of Fifths, Musical Notations, Accidentals, Intervals, Major and Minor Scales, Key Signatures, Triads…etc. Lessons are structured to include interactive activities, charts and mini tests to ensure knowledge can be applied and understood thoroughly.

If you are interested in knowing more about how the lessons can be tailored to suit your needs, please contact me.


My services

Guzheng Lessons

Beginner Guzheng lessons tailored to suit the learning progress of each student.

Music Theory Lessons

Align with RCM Music Theory curriculum. Interactive and fun classes with activities to help understanding.

Guzheng Tuning

Tuning your Guzheng to commonly used scales. String replacement.
Contact me for more information.